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COP27: A political gift for al-Sisi’s torture regime

Egypt’s real estate frenzy: An „iron curtain“ betwen rich and poor

Al-Sisi’s „New Republic“: How the Real Estate Frenzy Sustains the Regime’s Grip on Power

Algeria‘ Gas Reserves: Is Defending the Environment Terrorism?

Black Box Egypt: Egypt’s Opaque Detention and Deportation Practice against Refugees

„Quiet diplomacy“ in Egypt has failed

Egypt’s human righs crisis – No more „quite diplomacy“

„Tunisia: how climate change, uneven development and neoliberal policies fuel displacement“ (Case study in the TNI report Global Climate Wall)

„Is Kais Saied destroying the very idea of democracy?“ – Interview with Tunisian law professor Wahid Ferchichi

Egypt’s illegal deportation practice – Eritrean refugees in Egypt: arrested, beaten, threatened

„Tunisia’s President will not be able to respond to popular demands“ – Interview with Tunisian researcher Mohamed-Dhia Hammami

„What unites us is much more than what divides us“ – Interview with Tunisian activist Nawres Douzi

The GIZ advisory centre and the fairy tale of successful reintegration

Algeria: Has the Hirak failed politically?

Political Earthquake in Tunis 

Algeria trapped between counterrevolutionary repression and hope for a new spark

Decrypting ICMPD

Demanding President Sisi free his political prisoners

Socio-political struggles in Sudan and Algeria at stake amid Coviv-19 crisis

EU refugee policy in Tunisia – Ongoing shift of the border

Covid-19 is grist to the border regime mill

Tunisia post-lockdown – should we stay or should we go?

Absence de ‚lieu de sécurité‘ pour les migrants (RLS North Africa)

Migration control Tunisia report (Migration-control.info)

COVID-19 in North Africa – Corona proactivity in Tunisia, trivialisation in Egypt

An electoral masquerade, mass protests and police violence – Presidential elections in Algeria

Interview with Algerian opposition leader Soufiane Djilali – Political crisis in Algeria – is compromise in sight?

Algeria’s protests and migration: the fearmongers have it wrong

Mass anti-president protests in Algeria – No more Bouteflika

Social unrest in Tunisia – Taking on the IMF

Baffling shake-up within Algerian regime entities continues to raise questions

German Chancellor Merkel travels to Algiers to boost repatriation procedures

Algeria’s government under attack for chaotic handling of cholera outbreak

Algerian blogger Merzoug Touati, jailed for espionage, suspends hunger strike

Cocaine seizure stirs up Algerian politics ahead of presidential elections

Why Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia will not launch a joint 2030 World Cup bid

Egypt’s new cybercrime law – What Sisi sees

Algeria rejects UN comments that crackdown on migrants is ‚deeply alarming‘

Algeria’s ruling FLN calls on Bouteflika to run for a fifth term

Algeria’s economy continues to struggle as diversification efforts flounder

An „accessory to repression“? – Police training and equipment aid by the EU in North Africa and the Sahel

Social unrest in Algeria – Cranking up the pressure

Wave of labour protests paralyzes Algeria

Is Algeria North Africa’s new migration hub?

Q&A with German MP Stefan Liebich: Revealing German arms exports to Egypt

Public outcry in Algeria after ENTV airs graphic footage of the civil war

Algeria’s military and the FLN: An endless and violent tug-of-war

The legacy of the Algerian civil war: Forced disappearances and the cost of amnesty

Algeria’s desillusioned majority – Desperately seeking voters

Europe’s migration trade with Egypt

RLA winner Mozn Hassan on civil repression in Egypt – „Now’s the time to be creative“

Conscientious objection in Egypt – Playing the system

Egypt’s economic and fiscal crisis – Rescuing the sinking ship

Where is Egypt’s left heading? – „The political arena is closed“

Political protests in Egypt – Sisi’s falling star

Police cooperation with Egypt – Is Germany an „accessory to repression“?

Religion and freedom of expression – The birth of a new theocracy?

Five lost years – Egypt’s economy struggles to shake the legacy of the Arab Spring

Gentrification in Egypt – Urban counter-revolution in Cairo

The revamped parliamentary dictatorship – Analysis of the parliamentary elections in Egypt

„We sell people, we sell souls“ – Ibrahim El Batout’s new film „El Ott“

Egypt’s Police Agreement with Germany

Presidential elections in Algeria – In the name of stability

Restoring the ancient order – Presidential elections in Egypt

Colonial Shadows over Algiers and Paris – Memories of the Algerian War